Being called a “mutt” is like dealing with the realities of racial prejudice while being demoted from the issue at the same time. It is an equal-opportunity derogatory word, available to each of the races to demean the person and while telling everyone that it’s world peace…

In this perfect world, one might find it is perfectly acceptable to refer to oneself or others as “mutt” because dogs are so often the loyal, impossibly cute, and unobtrusive creatures that love us unconditionally. And of course, many human beings prefer the company of their dogs and pets much more than they do other people. However, it is easy to see the problem it could cause with relation to racial prejudice, namely the deepening associations made between various racial characteristics and basic human value, which may grow to attain greater significance within the human psyche the more they are used.

A mixed-race individual is often a confounding and secretive plot of a person others feel the need to expose, until everyone knows you for a “mutt.” And for this reason, the term is frequently disassociated from other expressions referring to past oppression and atrocities.

In a discussion about the word, “mutt” one might acknowledge the vast genetic differences between humanity and the canine species, which is why some dogs are used for things like lifetime scientific experimentation, involuntary sterilization, and as a source of food. So that both words dog and mutt – where dog may refer to a “pure breed,” and mutt, which implies a combined breed, would be derogatory if used to describe a human being. Of course, however, some people enjoy animals much more than human beings, and it’s possible that they are being affectionate when trying to simplify their genetic affiliations by naming it dog. So is this how people who aren’t ‘real’ enough – and who cannot fend for themselves must survive – causing others to assume a pseudo-parental role? And since most domesticated canine species make the best of their situations by getting along with their owners, perhaps the goal is to recreate this very uncomplicated exchange enjoyed between people and their pets.

Only my bad luck is loyal to me – my bad luck and Blondi, my German shepard.

Hitler (Haaretz, 2018)

‘Credit’ For Mixed Race Individuals…

What a demoralizing revelation it would be, especially for those involved with civil rights and activism, to discover that their peers weren’t working to create an enlightened society where everyone could live equally and prosperously, but instead, one in which they could become superior themselves – their own ‘powerful’ version of what the “white man” is. That they were only aiming to become the “right-hand man” – with the “privileges” and the superiority over those who are not considered “right.” Or take the extreme view in trying to replace whites in all things with their own counter-purist race.

What a rude awakening it would be to find oneself living in a society where their good intentions, personal sacrifices, and hard work suddenly equate to zero. How aware should one be of such racially oppressive symptoms? How should we measure the ability to be taken seriously when speaking on your own racial (‘behalf’); to react when shocked by dehumanizing treatment that catches you off guard; friends and family members who suddenly feel they must ‘move on’ with their lives; when asking for help or guidance is seen as “begging”; the relentless and redundant racial equivalencies played out in arts and media; having too much trouble finding employment; etc… Will mixed race people be given any credit?

Written by: Kat Sweet

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